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Is your AC system making a loud noise? Noises are never good in the world of air conditioning. Sometimes a homeowner gets lucky and it is a small issue like a loose air filter. Most of the time a sound means problems with the fan, motor or compressor. Screeching and squealing could even mean the fan motor belt. These repairs can be quite costly. You want a team of professionals handling this job with the utmost caution and care. You can call Key Heating & Cooling today in Ochlockonee, FL and rest assured that everything is taken care of on your AC repair job.

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When your cooling system sounds like it is struggling to provide cold air, odds are that is exactly the situation. A struggling cooling system just isn’t efficient. The machine is overworking itself and heating up. Parts wear out quicker and the whole system can fail if left unchecked. Also, when the system is struggling to cool, the home doesn’t feel like the right temperature. So now you are paying more money to get air conditioning and you still aren’t satisfied. What is the fix? Calling Key Heating & Cooling for an AC repair in Ochlockonee, FL will take care of that!

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Cooling systems don’t fix themselves. It is easiest to wait and hope that everything will go back to normal again. How long are you willing to suffer though? A cooling system is an expensive machine. You need to treat it with care if you want it to last 10-15 years. Without staying on top of AC repairs, you are diminishing the lifespan almost in half.

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