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What’s the ideal thermostat setting during the warmer season?
We suggest a temperature of 78° during the day and an adjustment down to 74° overnight.

What’s the best way to prevent HVAC malfunctions?
Regular troubleshooting and maintenance performed by our certified professionals identifies and resolves concerns before they graduate into costly repairs.

Are filter changes necessary?
Replacing the filter every month, especially when equipment is carrying a heavy workload, promotes greater efficiency and reliability.

What’s the benefit of an Energy Star qualified thermostat?
Energy Star rated programmable, WiFi, and smart thermostats allow set and forget operation, taking on the responsibility of conserving energy without sacrificing comfort. We’d be happy to explain options, features, and the many rewards.

Are there inexpensive ways of reducing demands on the air conditioner?
Keeping blinds and curtains closed to block sunlight prevents the home from heating up during the day and lessens strain on the air conditioner. Ceiling fans are another option, with the rotation of the blades working to push heat upward.

Are there cost-effective methods of lessening the requirements of the heating system?
Insulation prevents heated air from escaping and stops chilly air from coming in. Take the time to seal cracks around windows and doors with caulk or weatherstripping and consider adding ceiling fans to push heat downward.

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