How to Clean Commercial AC Coils

Professional Commercial AC Coil Cleaning

Air conditioning units require cleaning and maintenance in order to operate at its maximum efficiency. Inside the air conditioning system, there are coils that play significant roles in the cooling process. It is important to clean the coils because debris builds up in the tight spaces between coils, which hinders the system’s ability to move heat out of the building, causing a number of issues.

Dirty AC coils can result in increased operating temperatures, as the AC will be working overtime to combat the stress caused by the debris. As a result, the AC is providing a less comfortable indoor air temperature and is operating at a lower efficiency. You end up spending more money on energy bills, and eventually, you may have a large repair bill.

Certified Commercial Air Conditioning Coil Service

While you can find some information online about how to clean the commercial ac coils yourself, it is best to leave this to an HVAC professional that knows how to clean the coils without causing damage to the machine. Some cleaning methods include the use of compressed air or commercial cleaners. Our HVAC technicians will ensure that the best method is used to restore your AC unit to high efficiency. We can even get you on a schedule for regular cleanings for preventative purposes.

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